EXPOSED! Clinton Rape Victim SLAMS Hillary…’Millennials Need To Know The Truth’

On Saturday, the New York Times published an article titled, “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private.”

The Times claims to have interviewed over 50 women and that all of them had unflattering things to say about Trump’s treatment of them, or simply about his views on women in general.

However, others are focused not on the women the Times chose to interview, but those they’ve never bothered to contact: That is, all the women who claim to have been victimized by Bill Clinton, the husband of the presumed Democratic presidential candidate.

Over the decades, liberals have treated Bill’s behavior as fodder for jokes rather than serious crimes. Their favorite line was always, “Who cares? It’s just sex. No big deal.”

But as we’ve seen, attitudes about what constitutes rape have evolved since Bill and Hillary were in the White House in the 1990s.

Conservatives should keep in mind that while fake stories about a “campus rape epidemic” are annoying and destructive, they could work in the Republican’s favor if this attitude costs Hillary some Millennial votes in November, especially as familiar names from the recent past resurface.

According to

During an interview today, Bill Clinton’s rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick suggested the New York Times spend the same amount of energy investigating claims of sexual assault against Bill Clinton that the newspaper put into probing Donald Trump’s alleged past treatment of women.

Broaddrick said she believes there is a whole generation of Millennials who are unfamiliar with Clinton’s history with women. She further slammed Hillary Clinton as an “enabler” who has allowed her husband to “continue on the same path that he did back in the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s.” (…)

She said there is a whole generation of Americans who “haven’t heard about what Bill Clinton did to the women back in that time that they need to know.”

“Just like on Twitter I had these young Millennials coming on, saying, ‘Is this is true? Did it really happen?’ Well, yes. It did happen to me,” she added.

Expect more women to come forward between now and November — some already well known, others for the first time — talking about alleged assaults at the hands of Hillary’s husband.

Liberals will have to decide how they can condemn a man like Bill Cosby, then vote for the wife of a man who might have been even worse.


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