Clinton Rape Victim DESTROYS Hillary…HUMILIATES Her Over Debate Guests!

The history of former president Bill Clinton’s sex crimes is well known. Long before he was in the White House, Bubba had a reputation of forcing himself on women. This often spilled into allegations of rape and abuse.

Yet he never faced criminal charges, thanks to his positions of power and support from complicit wife, Hillary Clinton.

It’s ironic that the party which claims to be for woman’s rights is backing a woman who has meant the misery of countless women. Every time someone has come forward, saying that she was assaulted by Bill, Hillary is the first to malign and discredit them.

Not very pro-woman, if you ask me.

Bill’s scandalous history has come to light most recently, as Donald Trump invited one of his former victims to the first debate. Another one of his victims had some shocking things to say, regarding this.

From Breitbart:

Bill Clinton’s alleged sex assault victims are likely so numerous that “we could fill the entire audience,” stated Kathleen Willey when asked by this reporter if she would hypothetically be willing to attend tomorrow’s presidential debate…

“Most of us are well known and our stories have been repeated several times over the years, but what concerns me the most are the voices of my sisters who are still afraid to come out of the darkness. I have communicated with a number of them and they are still terrified of publicly sharing their experiences with the Clintons.

“The real story here is not one of our presence in the front row at any of these debates, but the unhindered lust for power that the Clintons have displayed for decades. Hillary Clinton has lied, cheated and stolen our lives from us. People have died in her wake of deceit.”

You don’t to look at Benghazi or the email scandal to see that the Clinton’s are the most dangerous public figures in American history. The trail of damaged victims on the part of Bill’s sexual crimes is indictment enough.

So many women have been hurt by this man and subsequently silenced by his wife, that they could fill a stadium. That’s a shocking allegation, but one that is most certainly true.

In order to protect her own political career, Hillary Clinton has aided Bill in covering up his many crimes. She has perverted the cause of justice for many victims, by silencing them one way or another. She had neglected the needs of many women, so that she can acquire more power.

What can be said about a person like this? Is this the state of American politics in 2016? Do we deserve a woman so vile, so out of touch with the American public, that she’ll silence victims of rape to protect her own career?

Surely we deserve better than that. Hillary and her sexually deviant husband deserve to be in jail.

Source: Breitbart

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