BREAKING: Clinton Responds To The Devastating Benghazi Report…In The Most Clintonian Way Possible!

President Harry Truman kept a little sign on his desk in the Oval Office that said, “The buck stops here.”

If Hillary Clinton gets to sit behind that same desk next year, maybe her sign could say “Look over there!” instead.

Like so many liberals, Hillary is an expert at changing the subject when the topic at hand threatens to upend their narrative, and with that, their power over others. She just did it again after the House Benghazi Committee released its final report.

Since the report’s conclusions were unflattering to say the least, Clinton’s team flew into damage control mode in the most craven way imaginable.

Conservative Tribune reports that, instead of addressing the report’s findings about her culpability in the 2012 murders of four Americans, “Clinton posted a link on her Facebook account that purported to explain three actions America should take to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. (…)

The report concluded that the administration made pathetic excuses for the attack and continues to do so. Clinton doesn’t have enough character to address that or the fact that the government failed the Americans in Libya by putting politics first.

It’s pitiful, but unfortunately not surprising that Clinton, who is under investigation by the FBI for irresponsibly using a private email server from which she sent thousands of messages that contained classified information and put the nation’s security at risk, would deflect to taking a swipe at the Second Amendment.

Leave it to Hillary Clinton, who presents herself as a champion of the LBGT community, to exploit the recent Orlando terror attack by shouting about gun control. Of course, Hillary doesn’t really care about gay lives or Islamic terrorism or even gun rights. Hillary only cares about Hillary.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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