BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Was Just Asked About Gun Rights…Her Answer Is TERRIFYING!

It will come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton’s polices are blatantly un-American.

While she crows on and on for the rights of the “common” people and women, she apparently ignores the rights granted to us by the Constitution.

She is hell bent on creating the kind of dictatorship our forefathers fought to destroy. As she dupes many Americans into believing her toxic rhetoric, she shuffles cash from foreign interests. If she were to become President, she would deprive us of our freedoms, while opening a door to every rich nation that wants to walk all over us.

Now it look she is out right denying the Second Amendment.

From Breitbart:

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton refused to say conclusively the Second Amendment is a constitutional right and that it “is subject to reasonable regulations.”

When asked directly by Stephanopoulos whether she believed the Second Amendment granted a citizen the right to own a gun, she evaded the question. She went on to say that federal, state, and local governments had the right to impose restrictions. She even said that 90% of Americans agreed with her!

Again the newsman asked her, point blank, if she believed the Bill of Rights granted us a right to bear arms. She again evaded, sticking up for her stance on regulation.

It’s clear she doesn’t not want Americans owning guns. She wants a nation of weak-willed sheep, dependent on the government for Welfare and healthcare, unable to defend themselves from federal oppression. She wants an American where she can do as she pleases, without the people having the wherewithal to confront her.

In her interview she said 75% of gun owners agree with her. Do you agree with Hillary Clinton? Do you want your Constitutional rights stripped away by a socialist dictator?

Source: Breitbart

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