OMG: Woman Of The People Hillary Clinton Shocks Onlookers When She Show Up Holding This!

As Hillary clings to a race that should have been all but hers, she continues to find ways of alienating herself from voters.

Bernie Sanders has made a name for himself by convincing Democrats he’s an everyday person.

That may be true of Berns, but not his opponent.

While on her way to an interview on The View, she was spotted getting out of her car with an ostentatious accessory..

Clinton was seen carrying a $1,600 Alexander McQueen handbag while heading into the building. Soon after, she criticized GOP front-runner Donald Trump for not being able to relate to the common man.

‘And the fellow who’s from New York?’ she said, clearly talking about Trump. ‘I wish he’d get out of one of his towers and actually walk the street.’

If you think that sounded crazy, you’d be right.  How can a woman who’s willing to spend $1,600 on a bag criticize anyone else for being elitist?

She has also been spotted getting her hair and nails done at a store where it cost around $600.  And you say Trump can’t relate to the common man?

Clinton is wasteful and always has been. If she really wants to show Americans that she can relate to them, then she should probably stop treating us like dirt and wasting money on useless junk.

The crows at The View may squawk with approval, but not the rest of American.  When the average citizen has to work hard to make ends meet, she has the audacity to flaunt her wasteful spending?

I think Hillary Clinton needs to wake up and smell the (designer) coffee.

Source: CT

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