BOOM! Bill Clinton Spins A Clever Story…Until Newt Brings Down The HAMMER! [WATCH]

During the Republican National Convention, there were many memorable moments. Most of these moments came from heartfelt speeches by concerned Americans, notable leaders, and the family of candidate Donald Trump. Each speech, each genuine plea, was a sign that the Republican Party was united in restoring dignity and prosperity to America.

That’s not what the media wanted you to believe. Every speech was either torn apart or neglected by the media. They tried to poke holes in every statement and fact made by the speakers. They tried to slander good, upstanding citizens, including the wife and children of Trump. They ignored the validity and sincerity of their messages in order to malign the party and prop up their biased.

Yet when one of the biggest liars in American history—Bill Clinton—spewed his nonsense, they didn’t say a peep. Even though he crafted the most fictional narrative imaginable to support his corrupt wife, the media didn’t bother to question it. But there are a few willing to do.

From Yes I’m Right:

Thankfully, we have Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, a man of some considerable principle, taking apart Bill Clinton’s insane speech bit by bit and it is glorious…

Newt calls Bill out on painting a fanciful picture of a political candidate who is not only incompetent beyond measure, but absolutely evil and untrustworthy. Gingrich is right and we can’t afford to have an outright crook in the White House.

During this election, Newt Gingrich, has come out as a powerful force for good. He smoothed over Cruz’s raucous speech, connecting his “vote your conscience” line to support Trump. Now he’s putting Bill in his place.

Check out Newt’s full response in the video below. Be sure to share it with everyone you know.

Credit: Yes I’m Right

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