Clinton Claims To Be TRANSPARENT…This 1 Fact DESTROYS Her Argument!

Why doesn’t Hillary Clinton hold press conferences?

It would be one thing if she shared Donald Trump’s negative view of the media, but it looks more like she simply doesn’t want to be questioned, as if she’s the Queen of America and not its wanna be president.

It doesn’t help when her own staff recite talking points that are obviously and outrageously wrong. Hillary’s campaign manager’s latest slogan is that she is the most “transparent public official in modern times.”

Well, maybe “transparent” to all the hackers who’ve leaked her sensitive emails, but others aren’t buying it.

The Independent Journal notes:

In fact, it’s been 261 days since Clinton held a press conference. According to The Daily Caller, the last time that happened was 44 years ago.

In contrast, her opponent, Donald Trump, has had twelve. And he’s called out Clinton for her lack of press conferences.

To give you a better idea of what Clinton hasn’t commented on, The Washington Post pointed out 5 things that have happened since her last press conference.

This list includes the terrorist attacks in Nice, Brussels and even on American soil, Orlando, Florida.

It’s one thing not to have press conferences, although that is also highly unusual, but “no comment” about huge losses of life at the hands of America’s enemies. Can Americans expect that kind of silence if Hillary Clinton makes it to the White House? The idea that Hillary is “the most transparent” is as hilarious one that she’s “the most experienced” candidate.

Source: Independent Journal

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