STONEWALL: Hillary Hasn’t Done 1 Simple Thing In Over 6 Months…That Trump Does Regularly!

Ever since Watergate, liberals have been telling us that journalists were heroes. They look upon reporters the way other Americans do firefighters and military veterans.

So it’s telling that, once liberals get into elected office, they suddenly treat journalists like the enemy, even though in general, the media shares their ideology and is eager to promote it.

Many have complained that Obama hasn’t given as many press conferences as his predecessors since becoming president. It looks like Hillary Clinton is trying to one-up her old boss, though, and she hasn’t even been elected yet.

The Washington Times reports:

Hillary Clinton is 0-for-2016, having failed to hold any full press conferences this year — fueling the perception that she is the most guarded major candidate in recent political history, in stark contrast with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump has held at least four full, formal press conferences this year, including one Tuesday, and has fielded questions at length from the flock of reporters covering his campaign on numerous occasions.

Mrs. Clinton took questions from the press traveling with her campaign once, in Minnesota in March, but hasn’t held an organized press conference in six months.

Clinton’s camp points out that she’s given hundreds of one on one interviews, but these are stage managed under strict conditions, the way most celebrity interviews are. No doubt all questions are vetted in advance.

The average American voter is sophisticated enough to know this. They can’t help but wonder what Hillary Clinton is trying to hide, when she won’t even risk facing a presumably friendly scrum of journalists.


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