Clinton’s HYPOCRISY Revealed: Photo PROOF EMERGES…Shows She Really Agrees With Donald Trump!

Democrats have been criticizing Trump from day one.

In particular, they’ve attacked his proposal to build a wall across the Mexican border to keep out dangerous illegal immigrants, including drug traffickers and terrorists.

Yet despite their attacks, he grow in popularity and won the GOP nomination. It seems like there are many Americans who agree with Trump’s strong stance against illegal immigration.

And guess who also agrees with Trump’s ideas: apparently Hillary Clinton. While she attacks the man over his plans to protect the country, she uses the same logic to protect her own home.

Hypocrite, much?

From The American Mirror:

Hillary Clinton doesn’t miss an opportunity to ridicule Donald Trump’s illegal immigration solution of a wall on the southern border — but that’s exactly what she’s deployed to keep undesirables away from her.

“First of all, as I understand him, he’s talking about a very tall wall, a beautiful tall wall, the most beautiful tall wall, better than the Great Wall of China, that would run the entire border,” Clinton riffed in March.

“He would somehow magically get the Mexican government to pay for it. It’s just fantasy.”

A series of photos reveal a massive barrier running the entire border of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s estate in Chappaqua, New York — undoubtedly intended to keep the unwashed masses away from the political elites.


So apparently Hillary cares about keeping one of her own houses safe from invaders, but refuses to do the same for the entire country? She is willing to erect what appears to be a 10 foot wall to keep people away from her private home, but is against the same kind of thing for America.

Once again we see two different standards: one for Hillary and one for the rest of us.

Source: The American Mirror

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