Bernie Just Ruined Hillary’s Day…Clinton’s NIGHTMARE Is Coming True!

Despite the media’s proclamation that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for president, the voting isn’t done yet.

The delegates must attend the Democratic National Convention and put in their support for their candidate. There is still much to be decided before Hillary can push ahead.

And guess what? Bernie’s not going anywhere.

Even though it looks like Clinton clinched the nomination after the Californian primaries, Bernie is still determined to send his 1900 delegates to the convention. This turn of events could have profound ramifications on the election.

As reported by RT…

Bernie Sanders will remain in the Democratic presidential race until the convention in July and keep pushing his opponent Hillary Clinton on the issues he believes matter to voters.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday, Sanders was asked when he would suspend his campaign and responded, “Well, right now, again, we are doing everything we can to address the major crises facing working families in this country and we are going to use all of the tools we can to do that.”

Bernie garnered a lot of support during the primaries, exciting a young fresh voter base who has become disillusioned at the present state of our government. Many young people who voted for Obama eight years ago–and many new voters–are tired of the status quo and have flocked to Bernie.

That kind of support you just don’t throw away. Bernie can still make a significant impact on the upcoming election. That many delegates can upset the agenda of the Democratic convention. In the past Bernie hoped to convince some super delegates to switch their votes. Perhaps this move of sending 1900 delegates will be enough to embolden a few of them to feel the Bern.

It remains to be seen how things will all shake out. But the clear reality is, Bernie’s not out of this race just yet.

Source: RT

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