SHAMELESS: The Clintons Owe YOU A Big Thank-You! Used Taxpayer Funds To…

The Clintons are big government liberals who believe “the government” should pay for pretty much everything.

Even though they are multi-millionaires many times over, their first instinct is to turn to “the government” to take care of things.  That’s the liberal way: look to the state as the nanny, the provider, the caretaker.

So they probably didn’t think twice about using your money to break the law. That’s exactly the kinds of people the Clintons are. Here’s more proof, from Breitbart:

Former president Bill Clinton used taxpayer funds from cash provided to him as an ex-president to pay for employees to set up the family’s private email server, according to a new report from Politico.

Clinton drew money from the General Services account to pay part of his aide Justin Cooper’s salary — the same person who helped set up a private email server in Clinton’s home.

That’s just the beginning. According to this report, Clinton also topped up the salaries of ten employees using taxpayer money and also bought equipment for the Clinton Foundation.

The next time a liberal tells you that Americans need to pay even higher taxes, ask them about this story. The scary thing is, a lot of them will shrug and say, “So what?” That’s how deep the entitlement mentality runs on the left.

Credit: Breitbart

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