PATHETIC! Trump Gives $5.6 Million To Our Vets, War Hawk Hillary Clinton Gave…

The liberal media is getting pathetically desperate. As Trump continues to gain supporters around the country, their tactics against him are getting weaker and weaker.

We’re not that far from the day when they, hopefully, just give up.

A few months ago, you may remember, Trump ditched one of the countless GOP debates to raise money for veterans. It was a noble gesture, one that backed his commitment to helping our veterans. The media certainly used this as an excuse to attack the man. Now they demand to know just how much money he raised, or perhaps it was all a front?

Yeah, a billionaire businessman used a fundraiser to siphon cash into his own pocket. Sorry, media, you’re thinking of Hillary Clinton.

From Allen B West:

During a press conference yesterday journalists hounded Trump over where those funds went, questioning Trump over why it took him so long to donate the money. One veteran took to the stage to defend Trump, noting that there are plenty of “scam” charities out there, and that donating requires due diligence. In all, Trump has given $5.6 million to veterans’ groups.

The media had no right to “hound” Trump over charitable giving. He did it voluntarily. He doesn’t have to answer to the media. Where are all their charitable donations? How much did they raise for our veterans? They’ve probably done as little as the Clintons.

The Clintons, however, have funneled millions of their charitable dollars to the Clinton Foundation, an organization that does not disclose its donations publicly. The Clinton Foundation did not respond to a request for detailed donations to veterans and military groups.

According to Breitbart, since 2009 the Clinton’s have made over $100 million dollars, but have given a pathetic $70,000 to organizations that support our vets!

Source: Allen B West

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