Russia Gave Clintons $145 Million…What They Got In Return Is Nothing Short Of TREASON!

We talked a lot about how the Clinton Foundation is simply a front to make Bill and Hillary rich.

While she was secretary of state, the Foundation received millions and millions of dollars from foreign interests, who then got favors from the State Department.

Bill and Hillary gave speeches to special interests and got millions in return. Those interests then petitioned the US government for favors and deals and got them.

It’s clear Hillary Clinton can and has been bought and sold by the highest bidder. She has zero interest in helping the American people and only wants to line her pockets with gold.

Perhaps the most shocking deal is with Russia. While she was secretary of state, Hillary Clinton approved a deal that gave much of our uranium to the former Soviet super power.

This right after the Clinton Foundation received $145 million from shareholders of Uranium One.

From Breitbart:

Discussing the Clinton Foundation receiving $145 million from the shareholders of Uranium One, he continued, “Look there are couple of things that are extremely troubling about the deal we touched on… we are talking about a fundamental issue of national security which is uranium — it’s not like oil and gas that you can find all sorts of places. They are precious few places you can mine for uranium, in the United States is one of those areas… A lot of people don’t realize it now, in parts of the Midwest American soil is owned by Vladimir Putin’s government because this deal went through. And in addition to the $145 million Bill Clinton got…$500,000 for a 20-minute speech from a Russian investment bank tied to the Kremlin, two months before the State Department signed off on this deal.

Uranium is an incredibly valuable resource, usable in the generation of electricity, the making of weapons, and a variety of other technologies. The United States has a limited supply of the substance, making it more valuable than oil, coal, or even gold. So it stands to reason that we should protect it, not hand it over to a foreign interest.

A foreign interest, mind you, that has a long history of enmity with our country.

But who, cares? Clinton got a cool $145 million for the deal! Do you know what you could buy with $145 million? You can get houses in every state, a fleet of boats, and even a private jet. Not to mention fancy clothes, nice cars, and the best food in the world. Who is losing on this deal?

Oh right, the American people. Russia now controls a portion of American soil and is getting a large amount of our uranium. We got nothing.

So why isn’t Hillary in jail yet?

Source: Breitbart

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