What If You THREW A Campaign Rally And No One Showed Up? – Humiliating! [PHOTO]

Thousands of people are turned away at every Trump rally. Some of these events break attendance records at their various venues. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is having a hard time filling all the seats at her speeches, and the media won’t be able to cover this up forever.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Clinton’s address to the American Legion wasn’t standing room only. A long shot broadcast by Fox News, then tweeted, revealed dozens of vacant chairs.

As The American Mirror notes:

This was not as they were waiting for Clinton. She’s at the podium and on the big screen. This is during her speech.


You’d think that with their tens of millions of Clinton Foundation bucks, Team Hillary could afford to pay “seat fillers” like the ones they employ at the Oscars and other events to make them look jam packed.

This is just one example of Hillary’s unpopularity. Watch for more evidence to rack up every day.

Source: The American Mirror

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