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BREAKING: CNBC’s SHOCK Prediction STUNS Democrats…Thrills Donald Trump!
By PJ Editor|June 2, 2016

In a stunning reversal from earlier in the year, CNBC producer Jake Novak has admitted that he was wrong about Hillary Clinton and especially wrong about Donald Trump!

CNBC is an arm of the far left NBC family that includes PRAVDA-like propaganda channel MSNBC.

Over the last few weeks and especially since the State Department’s Inspector General’s report was released, we see resistance building on the left against Hillary Clinton as many liberals come to realize just how incredibly weak and damaged she is.

Novak writes…

I was sure that Trump just couldn’t shore up enough of the already too small Republican base to win in November, thus nearly guaranteeing not only a loss but a big loss to Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Well, I was wrong.

The whole piece is well worth a read, but here are his three central arguments…

The biggest reason is something very familiar to CNBC’s audience: management. In this case, it’s the kind of disruptive management that refuses to accept all the conventional wisdom and truly disrupts the status quo.


The second biggest mistake I made about Trump is something else the CNBC audience should appreciate: I didn’t think his incredible abilities and experience at self-promotion would translate very well from the business and entertainment media world to the political arena. But I forgot that Trump has been a master business marketer for decades and has also been working closely with some of the best writers in reality TV for more than 15 years.


And that brings me to my last mistake about Trump’s chances: I underestimated how bad Hillary Clinton’s campaign would be. To be fair, I never thought Clinton was a particularly strong candidate. But at every essential task of marketing and messaging, the Clinton campaign has been surprisingly bad.

Source: CNBC

PJ Editor
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