DEPLORABLE: CNN Faces LAWSUIT…But You’ll Never Believe Why!

With the stunning win of Donald Trump to the White House, the liberal media is reeling. They pulled out all the stops to get their corrupt candidate elected. They violated almost every journalistic principle of fair and honest reporting in hopes of manipulating the American voter.

It failed spectacularly and they are left with the damage they caused to their viewers and readership. Americans have little faith left in the mainstream media, yet these outlets refuse to learn from the error of their ways and return to honest news.

CNN is perhaps the worst of the bunch. As a major cable news network, they have betrayed the trust of viewers time and again with their shoddy coverage, manipulated facts, and outright lies. Their efforts during the election–and for many years–has been nothing short of deplorable.

Now it looks like their corruption and hypocrisy runs deeper than we realized.

From Joe For America:

A group of black CNN employees are filing a class action lawsuit against Atlanta-based CNN, Turner Broadcasting and New York based parent company Time Warner for racial discrimination.

Daniel Meachum, lead attorney, sent out a press release this morning with a scheduled press conference at 10:30 a.m. I do not know if the lawsuit has been filed in court as of yet.

“As a result of the current discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of DeWayne Walker vs. CNN, Time Warner & Turner, we have uncovered stories involving abuse of power, nepotism, revenge, retaliation and discrimination” Meachum said in a press release.

The language used to describe the discrimination is shockingly strong. It suggests more than systemic racial abuse in the company, but continued assaults on individuals in the most vile manner.

How else can you describe actions like “abuse of power… revenge, retaliation”?

This lawsuit is potentially revealing a seedy underbelly of this duplicitous and grossly biased network.  A liberal news network that pretends to promote progressive ideas, equality, and social justice is guilty of vile discrimination?

Imagine my surprise!

Source: Joe For America

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