BRUTAL: This Candidate Getting Crushed In Colorado…May Lose ALL DELEGATES…Campaign Chaos

Nobody said it would be easy.

Despite massive media attention and swelling numbers at rallies, this campaign has been met with trouble since day one.

An entrenched GOP establishment has maligned him and his credibility to be President, as attacks from the left are ever-present.

Now it looks as if an arm of his campaign team has troubles of its own.

NBC News is reporting a large factor to Donald Trump’s crushing losses in Colorado are due to key staff turnover and lack of communication, leading up to the votes which continue through the weekend.

Addressing the audience, Trump’s new Colorado state director Patrick Davis told supporters to vote for the three pro-Trump delegate candidates on a glossy brochure the campaign distributed… There was only one problem: Two of the three names weren’t listed on the ballot.

Apparently there was an “administrative error,” primarily delegates failing to pay fees to get on the ballet, which lead to the discrepancy.

But there are problems stretching beyond simply forgetting to fill out a form.  Some Trump supporters are upset at the former Colorado representative’s lack of presence.

Helbis Varangot, a Trump backer said,

“They haven’t been here in Colorado…[Baker, Trump’s former manager] disappointed all of us. He didn’t do what he was supposed to do so he got fired. He told the campaign he was organizing, he never set foot in Colorado as far as I can tell.”

Cruz’s campaign, eager to catch up to Trump, put out a strong presence in Colorado, perhaps a key factor in their success.

So what does this mean for Trump?

Few campaigns are perfect, and there is always staff turnover, especially when the stakes are astronomically high.  But time will tell if these bumps in the road will derail Trump’s momentum entirely.

Source: NBC News

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