VIDEO: Colorado Republican EXPOSES Anti-Trump Corruption, Burns GOP Membership Card

The Ted Cruz campaign–along with their buddies in Washington–are doing everything they can to stop Trump from getting the nomination.

Although they know it’s a hopeless endeavor, they’re resorting to every cheap trick and tactic to prevent him from getting votes.  That apparently includes blatant fraud.

This sort of thing would have gone unchallenged in the past, but thank to social media, Cruz’s corruption and illegal tactics are being shown to the world.

According to Mad World News:

As news reports are confirming, Ted Cruz allegedly gained all the delegates in Colorado, but social media users are waking up to a different story. That story is one of corruption and fraud. Buzzing all over the internet are Trump supporters who are long-time delegates being turned away, and threats were given to change their support or their names would be removed as delegates.

One such story is Colorado resident Larry Lindsey, who video captured his ordeal. His GOP precinct captain Jan Murray threatened that if he didn’t change his support from Trump (to Cruz), he would be taken off the list as a delegate, something he has been for 15 years. Lindsey returned home and burned his GOP card, which has spurned the viral hastag #BurnTheGOP.”

It’s clear that the GOP is doing everything in their power–including breaking the law–to prevent a Trump nomination.

Not because they don’t think he can win, but because they know he will.

A Trump Presidency will mean the end of decades of cozy insider politics in Washington and real change for America.

The Republicans are willing to sabotage their own party and burn the goodwill of the country, to stop Trump.  Even if that means a Democrat takes the White House.

You owe it to yourself to watch Larry’s video.  It’s a telling and shocking sign of the state of GOP politics.  Regardless of who you support in this election, you need to voice your concern and bring corruption like this to a stop.

Bill Still has more…

Source: Mad World News.

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