FBI Director Comey Thought He Was In The Clear…Then The Hammer Came Down!

We talked about how Congress is setting in, in light of the massive failure on the part of FBI and its director James Comey. Although they found mounting evidence of misconduct and criminal negligence on the part of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, they dropped the ball when Comey said they would not be pressing charges.

Congress responded quickly, saying they would have hearings over the situation. They will even bring Comey in to task for his decision and bring to light all of the FBI’s findings.

More news has come in on Congress’ response to this decision.

From Independent Journal:

Now, we’ve got a concrete development. Just a day after the FBI announced its decision on Hillary’s emails, the House Oversight Committee will be holding a hearing where Comey will testify on his decision.

That’s right. Comey will be on Capitol Hill on Thursday, just two days after his statement.

In a statement from the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said:

“The FBI’s recommendation is surprising and confusing. The fact pattern presented by Director Comey makes clear Secretary Clinton violated the law. Individuals who intentionally skirt the law must be held accountable. Congress and the American people have a right to understand the depth and breadth of the FBI’s investigation.”

Chaffetz statement hits the nail right on the head. Comey made it clear Clinton and her people violated the law. They broke it, plain and simple. For him to then say she should face no charges is downright bizarre. It’s contradictory. Congress won’t stand for it.

Now we’re looking at a former SoS AND current FBI director under fire. Maybe we can get rid of two bad birds with one stone.

Source: Independent Journal

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