JUSTICE – Popular Actress/Comic Goes On VICIOUS Anti-Trump Rant…Crowd’s Reaction Is EPIC!

We’ve known that many Hollywood performers and people from the entertainment industry are in the bag for Hillary. Despite the hypocrisy of supporting democrats, who will raise taxes on the middle class and burden America with social programs that will never touch them, many of these millionaires feel the  need to tell us what to think.

They betray what goodwill they’ve built between themselves and their fans by guilt-tripping young voters, or helping Hillary distort the facts to promote her corrupt agenda. They have attacked Donald Trump over apparent missteps, while ignoring the crimes that Hillary has been proven to commit.

These celebrities are willing to burn bridges, destroying any credibility they have left, in order to dupe the masses. They try to justify their ignorant views by creating a false high ground. They’re on it, we’re not.

But fans are growing tired of this manipulation and deceit. And they’re not afraid to show it, as was the case at a recent Amy Schumer show.

From Independent Journal Review:

The 35-year-old and active supporter of Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster,” much to the chagrin of a group of Trump supporters in the crowd…

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the comedian then asked a Trump supporter — “preferably one with sleeves” — to come on stage to defend his support of the Republican candidate.

One man stood up and told her that he is voting for Trump because he doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton. The unhappy booing continued and Schumer finally asked the disgruntled members of the audience to leave her show.

Around 200 people walked out.

It’s no surprise that a woman whose built her career on being lewd, unpleasant, and generally unladylike would support Hillary Clinton. As an American citizen, she has the right to support whatever failed candidate she wants.

But using her position as an entertainer to bamboozle fans who just wanted to enjoy a comedy show is deceitful, insulting, and pathetic.

Fans were quick to criticize the comedian.

Celebrities like Schumer have been working overtime to get their dangerous, criminal candidate into the White House. They feel they know better than the vast majority of Americans, who are tired of insider politicians running the show.

Now more than ever we need fresh, new leadership. We must not allow Hollywood wannabes tell us what to think and how to vote.

Source: Indepedent Journal Review

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