SHOCKING Censorship: THIS Common Sense Post Was Removed Because Of Political Correctness

If you want to find the most controversial topic these days, look no further than the transgender issue.

Simply question the validity of someone who identifies as the opposite gender and you’ll be branded a bigot so fast it’ll make your head spin.

It’s clear that left-wingers respect free speech, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their opinions.

Enter Kristi Merritt, who challenged the logic of transgender bathrooms on Facebook.

In a series of posts, she dressed up as a football player, a pirate, and wore a sombrero, with signs asking if the clothes were enough to change her identity.


The posts quickly went viral, reaching over 30,000 viewers.

Her logic is sound. As a woman, she has the right to want to protect her privacy and feel secure when using a public restroom. A man dressed as a woman is no less a man. Should that give him the right to use the same toilets as an actual women?

Many people agreed with Kristi Merritt’s sentiments. However, many did not. In a bully-like attempt to silence her, they manipulated Facebook’s policy on photos, claiming they contained nude material.

From Right Wing News:

The Facebook warning she received states that someone has reported her photos as being in violation of the Facebook community standards and asks her to remove the photos that contain nudity or risk them being taken down by administrators. Merritt has opted to leave the post active and she sent a response to Facebook saying that her photos contained no nudity and were not in violation of any standards. Facebook has since taken down her post. 

So even though her pictures did not violate any standards, the liberal cronies that run Facebook decided to censor her. What happened to a free and open Internet? Apparently Facebook does not protect or respect the rights of Americans to exercise free speech.

Where was Facebook when the San Bernardino killers posted jihad messages? Those apparently were less offensive than a mom voicing her opinion.

Source: Right Wing News

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