Whoa – Congress Goes Behind Obama’s Back…His 11th Hour Plan Is History!

For decades now, the United Nations has been worse than ineffectual; it has been downright dangerous. The UN has become a private club for dictators, and the worst part is that it is overwhelmingly subsidized by U.S. taxpayers.

This week’s developments may be the last straw however. The UN Security Council voted to condemn Israel, and the negative blowback has been huge, from Donald Trump on down. Is this finally the long overdue moment with America will cut funding to the United Nations?

Western Journalism reports:

Congress is preparing to put America’s funding for the United Nations on the chopping block in retaliation for last week’s Security Council vote condemning Israel.

The United States currently contributes about $3 billion to the U.N. budget. (…)

The Obama administration has also come under attack for its role in passing, and perhaps crafting, the resolution. The Security Council rules give the U.S. veto power, which it chose not to use last week to block the resolution.

This development has demonstrated the stark contrast between Obama’s attitude towards Israel and Trump’s.

While Israel and its supporters are justifiably outraged by the UN vote, everyone needs to keep in mind that in less than one month, Donald Trump will take command and a GOP Congress will be in an even better position to change America’s relationship with the United Nations for the first time in a long time.

Source: Western Journalism

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