Congress Just Did Something AWESOME…But Then They BETRAYED The American People!

There’s plenty of corruption in Washington. It’s so common, most people don’t even give it another thought when they learn about another leader breaking the rules.

But it’s that kind of dishonesty and lack of integrity that is propelling outsider Donald Trump into the White House. Americans, tired of insider politics that protect corrupt leaders, are pushing for someone who has a good chance of cleaning it up.

Today we learn more about how much we need that kind of leader. John Koskinen, IRS commissioner, has been accused of obstructing justice. Yet even with an investigation and a possible impeachment, our leaders dropped the ball.

From Allen B West:

It was news too good to be true: House Republicans planning on impeaching IRS commissioner John Koskinen. The man has been accused of obstructing justice and congressional investigation into the IRS targeting of conservative groups. House Republicans introduced a measure to impeach Koskinen in October 2015 for the aforementioned charges, and were expected to finally hold an impeachment vote. Republican Congressional leaders have advocated against forcing a vote on impeaching Koskinen despite his many misdeeds, and it looks like they just got their way.

Via Fox News

House Republicans reached an agreement late Wednesday to avoid a potentially divisive floor vote on impeaching IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Their excuse was that impeaching a hated leader of the IRS would be divisive, that voter wouldn’t like it.

Excuse me, I think we call would enjoy seeing a tax collector get his just desserts.

This was just a pathetic excuse to protect another Washington crony. They didn’t care about the voters. They didn’t care that maybe Americans would feel just a little sense of pride in seeing justice done.

They just wanted to protect their precious status quo.

If there was any reason to bring a sea change to D.C., this is it.

Source: Allen B West

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