Congress Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On College Snowflakes… Liberals Are FURIOUS!

Protesting is supposed to give average Americans an opportunity to express their disapproval of an unfair law or a public policy they don’t like but not to riot, destroy private property or endanger innocent lives.

But that seems to be exactly what we are seeing in all the anti-Trump hysteria coming from the mainstream media and being acted upon by hundreds of whiny college students.

The election of Donald Trump as president has offended some college students so much that they need their “safe spaces” and “cry rooms” to deal with the trauma of being told “NO.”

One Iowa congressman, Representative Bobby Kaufmann, has had his fill of all the bellyaching from students and the coddling they are receiving from college administrators, so he has introduced a bill to make them pull up their big person pants and act like adults.

FOX News has the info:

State Rep. Bobby Kaufmann (R) explained on Fox & Friends today why he’s put forth the “Suck It Up, Buttercup” bill in response to how colleges have handled students’ anger and sadness over Hillary Clinton’s surprise defeat. 

The bill would target state universities that use taxpayer dollars for additional grief counseling or other things – like “cry rooms” – to help students cope with election-related sadness. He also wants to increase the criminal penalties for protesters who block highways, as some demonstrators did near Iowa City last week. 

“That’s incredibly dangerous. What if someone had been trying to go to the hospital or was in an emergency and you had these spoiled brats blocking interstate 80?” he said, adding he encourages dissent and protests, but not while endangering innocent people. 

Kaufmann told Pete Hegseth that the idea for the bill came about last week when he watched how universities were responding to the election results. 

He said he got reports about “cry rooms” being set up for students at universities that already face rising tuition costs.

“That’s a waste of taxpayer dollars and that also doesn’t prepare kids for life. In life there’s winners and losers and when your car breaks down, your kids get sick or you have to take a second job to pay your mortgage, you don’t get to go to a cry zone, you don’t get to pet a pony. You have to deal with it,” he said. 

These college students need to grow up and accept the fact they’re going to have disappointments in their lives and cannot just curl up into the fetus position to “make it go away.”

The world is an inhospitable place and the sooner they understand THAT the sooner they can overcome setbacks!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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