Look What Congress Just Took From The NFL – Liberals, Snowflakes Enraged

It seems like the leadership at the NFL have chosen doom and destruction, over the American people. Instead of standing with the United States and its people, they’ve decided to protect the entitled, spoiled, ingrates within their league that refuse to respect the National Anthem.

That has already harmed the sport, with ticket sales, merch, and rating in free fall.

Now we are discovering that Congress is taking serious action to punish the NFL for its wayward ways.

From Western Journalism:

The GOP tax plan unveiled Thursday by Republican members of the House reportedly contains a provision that would prevent professional sports teams, including the NFL, from taking advantage of tax-exempt municipal bonds, a government service usually reserved for local communities.

“Generally used for roads, hospitals and the like, a number of communities have extended them to help out sports teams, usually as a way of enticing a team to stay in a community,” The Washington Times reported. “Axing the break would save $200 million over the next decade, according to early estimates.”

“I don’t think that the millionaires and billionaires associated with professional sports ought to get a special tax break that’s not available to the regular small businesses and regular folks in my district and across America,” the Florida Republican [Rep. Matt Gaetz] said.

Boom! Did the NFL really think they could get away with it? In the past sport teams have benefitted from not only tax breaks, but massive grants from state and local government.

They build their billion-dollar stadiums with tax-payer funds. The hope is that the revenue brought in by these games would pay it all back in spades. But when a major professional sport is insulting the country, I don’t think they deserve the money.

This cut could significantly hurt NFL sports teams. Without that help, they will have trouble improving their facilities, covering costs, and of course paying those big salaries to their entitled players.

Serves them right, though. All they had to do was rebuke their players and require them to stand. Instead they signed their own death warrants.

Source: Western Journalism

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