WOW – Conservatives APPLAUD Donald…This Surprising Move Unifies The Party!

At every political convention, a party gets together to decide the issues that matter most to them. This agenda will determine their legislative goals in the coming years. It’s a key factor that defines a political party and sets them apart from their rivals.

Without a platform, a political party has no vision for the future. They have no goals to work toward and no ground to connect with voters.

While the media ignores the platform of the Democrats because they truly don’t stand for anything except their own power, the Republican platform is crucial this year to the soul of the Republican party and the success of Donald Trump’s campaign.

This year’s Republican National Convention proudly put forward what is being called the “most conservative platform,” in history.

At time when the GOP has been decried as out dated by the left, the party has come out strong with a platform that will appeal to many Americans. Millions of voters have grown tired and disenfranchised with liberal policies that have done nothing to restore our nation’s strength. A bold, conservative platform is just what the GOP needs to clinch support from across the map.

From Conservative Tribune:

“We believe that our nation is most secure when the president and the administration prioritize readiness, recruitment, and retention, rather than using the military to advance a social or political agendas. Military readiness must not be sacrificed on the altar of politically correct social agendas, which this administration has done,” read the section of the platform on national defense.

The platform touched upon many key issues near and dear to conservatives and Republicans, like respecting American’s police officers.

“The media’s crowing of the death of Reagan Republicanism has proven premature. The Republican Party in 2016 has shown that it still holds to the timeless truths of constitutional fidelity that were the hallmark of Ronald Reagan, and that conservatives of all stripes should enthusiastically mobilize to defeat Hillary Clinton in November,” explained Former Platform Committee Vice Chairman Ken Blackwell.

While GOP nominee for President Donald Trump isn’t considered a traditional conservative politician, the party is confident he will go into the White House carrying their banner. After his impressive speech at the end of the Convention, few will argue he doesn’t have the party’s interest at heart.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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