With His Execution Just Hours Away, This Convicted Murderer STUNNED Everyone With His Final Request

The controversy surrounding the decision of Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson to move forward with the executions of eleven convicted murderers before the state’s lethal injection drugs expire continues to swirl.

The first of those executed was Ledell Lee, who beat his neighbor to death with a tire iron over 20 years ago.

But it is not the controversy, nor the failed last minute attempts to save Lee’s life that are making headlines, but rather the manner in which he prepared to meet his maker.

Ledell Lee, the first inmate to be executed in Arkansas since 2005, declined a traditional last meal Thursday night, choosing instead to receive Communion, a spokesperson for the state’s Department of Corrections said.

In death, may God show him the mercy he denied his innocent victim.

The notion of a last meal is an odd one, at any rate. A bandage on our humanity in the moment in which it is most tested and strained, really.

The idea is absurd on its face, but it allows those of us who condone giving the state the power of death over life some measure of comfort while permitting those of us that do not to know that that our collective humanity has not utterly fled us.

Source: The Blaze

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