Conyers Resigns And Endorses Son, But Junior Did ‘Something’ Even Worse

The swamp is getting drained at a rapid pace. Corrupt Congressman are being exposed. Every day we learn about another one. Apparently, there are quite a few rats in D.C.

John Conyers II’s career ended recently. Why? Oh, because he was assaulting women for years. The Congressman used his power to lure women into hotel rooms. Or just walk around naked in his office. You know, normal stuff.

Conyers announced he will be stepping down. Yet he had the audacity to recommend his son take his place. Smooth move, Johnny. Why not just give his seat to his son? Who needs democracy!

Not surprisingly, his son has his own dark past. Michigan folks, pay attention!

(He looks upstanding, doesn’t he?)

From Breitbart:

John Conyers III, the son of embattled Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), had been accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend in a domestic dispute in February, reports say.

The younger Conyers, a Detroit hedge fund manager who had been endorsed by his father to take his place in the House of Representatives, was arrested but not charged for allegedly stabbing and bodyslamming his then-girlfriend during an argument they had in Los Angeles, California, the New York Times reported.

Conyers III told the Times in an interview Wednesday about the encounter as a way to prevent scandal after his father announced his retirement following allegations of sexual harassment.

The younger Conyers said he and his girlfriend got into an argument at 3 a.m. February 15 that turned into a physical fight. Police later arrested him for domestic violence, but the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office dropped the charges.

His girlfriend, who is not identified in court documents, secured a restraining order against Conyers III that remains in effect through March 2018.

Oh, he just stabbed his girlfriend!? What’s the problem? Don’t politicians get at least one stabbing during their career? I mean, who hasn’t attacked their girlfriend in a fit of rage?

Wait. Most people don’t do that.

If Conyers II thinks he can foist his violent son onto the people of Michigan, he’s delusional. This is an age of reform. Corrupt hacks are being ejected from office. In my opinion, we should load Conyers and his stabby son on a catapult. Let’s launched them over the border into Canada. They’ll do better there.

Source: Breitbart

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