Look Which Country Just Shipped 1,250 Refugees To USA, All Because Of Obama

Former President Barack Obama left a number of Easter eggs behind that the Trump administration continues to discover.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Obama had agreed to receive refugees  that were being held indefinitely at detention centers.

President Donald Trump was not pleased upon discovery of the deal, and reports indicate that he had some strong words for the country’s Prime Minister.

Nonetheless, Trump agreed to honor the terms of the deal.  

As the Daily Caller shares, the bill is coming due.

The first refugees held at Australia’s offshore detention centers began their journey to the U.S. Sunday as part of deal struck last November between the Australian government and then-President Barack Obama.

Obama agreed to take 1,250 refugees indefinitely held at detention centers. President Donald Trump reportedly lashed out at Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during their first phone conversation in January, calling it “the worst deal ever.”

Trump still pledged to honor the agreement, which is now being implemented by Australia.

The refugees were reportedly being held in detestable conditions in the offshore centers.

For humanitarian purposes, it’s great that they will no longer be forced to live in facilities that have been referred to as less desirable than a ‘dog kennel.’

However, it remains unclear why this was a mess that the US needed to clean up.

“They’re happy they’re going, and they never want to hear about Australia again,” refugee advocate Ian Rintoul told Reuters.

Turnbull confirmed that about 25 inmates will be shipped off as he thanked Trump for his cooperation. The prime minister added that the migrants will have to go through a vetting process, and the U.S. ultimately decides who it lets in.

“There will be about 25 from both Manus and Nauru [that] will be going to the United States and I just want to thank again President Trump for continuing with that arrangement,” Turnbull said in a statement Wednesday.

Australia is one of our nation’s closest allies. For that reason alone, it makes sense for Trump to honor the deal agreed to by his predecessor.

However, it does serve as an example of the misplaced priorities from the Obama administration.

While it’s a wonderful sentiment to want to help solve problems across the globe, there needs to be a sense of priority given to how that problem solving will ultimately affect the US.

Trump has clearly demonstrated that he has his priorities in order in that regard, but there remain plenty of messes for him to clean up.

Source: The Daily Caller

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