SHOCK CLAIM: Cruz Loyalists Can Prevent Trump From Being Nominated At All…Find Out How

Rule 40 says that you must have the support of the majority of delegates in 8 states in order to be nominated. Most of us thought this meant that if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz won the majority of delegates in 8 states, then they would be nominated…not so much.

As reported by Hot Air…

You need to present written support from a majority of delegates in eight different states.

This may mean that Trump can’t get his own pledged delegates to nominate him…

Thanks to Cruz’s delegate-wrangling wizardry, many delegates who are pledged to Trump on the first ballot aren’t personally loyal to him.

That means they may have to vote for him on the first ballot, but not necessarily sign a letter on his behalf…

The rules require them (bound delegates) to cast that initial vote for Trump — but the rules are ambiguous about whether they’re required to sign a written statement affirming a majority for Trump for Rule 40 purposes.

What if a South Carolina delegate who’s personally loyal to Cruz refuses to sign a statement for Trump before the first ballot? In theory, despite winning dozens of states, Team Trump could be blocked from being nominated even on the first ballot because they can’t find majorities in eight different state delegations who are willing to sign.

In fact, theoretically, Trump could clinch 1,237 delegates before the convention and still be thwarted on the first ballot because he can’t find enough written support, thanks to the many, many Cruz loyalists who’ll be filling delegate slots coast to coast.

This is another example of the problems that Trump has created for himself by failing to organize his massive support to actually participate in the Republican Party. Ted Cruz continues to out-play him on the ground and, increasingly, it looks like it could cost Trump the nomination.

Source: Hot Air

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