TODAY! Another GOP Race You Haven’t Heard About…This Candidate Is Poised To Sweep Delegates

Another state, another convention…

Today is a Republican delegate selection that you probably haven’t heard about.

That’s because the long and intricate convention system used by several states doesn’t make for good tv copy and the media has therefore failed to inform folks about these races.

This came into clear focus last weekend when Donald Trump and his supporters were shocked to learn that Ted Cruz had swept Colorado’s delegates in a contest that few knew about or understood.

The same thing is going to happen today, as reported by ABC News…

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz looks poised to dominate the intricate state convention process here in Wyoming today, hoping to add another 14 delegates to his total haul and block rival campaigns from chipping away at his support.

As for Cruz, just like in Colorado, he isn’t taking anything for granted…

Cruz himself is slated to address state-level delegates in Casper today. Ed Buchanan, the state’s Cruz campaign chair, says volunteers spread across each of Wyoming’s 23 counties have been tracking the process since last fall.

And once again the Trump campaign seems to have failed miserably in organizing for the process…

Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, continues to struggle in states without a presidential preference vote. “Expectations are low here,” said Alan Cobb, a senior adviser to the Trump campaign on the ground in Casper. “These narrow party processes don’t favor our campaign.”

HERE is the complete information regarding the Wyoming delegate process and convention results.

Source: ABC News

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