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BREAKING: Cruz Staffers Planning Convention COUP…Secret Plot REVEALED!
By PJ Editor|June 9, 2016

Has Donald Trump actually wrapped up the Republican nomination?

Technically, no. And now a new threat has emerged that could still deny him the chance to take on Hillary Clinton in the general election, and likely destroy the Republican Party in the process.

The current rules bind the delegates based on the rules in each of their states. Under this arrangement, there are enough bound to Donald Trump to give him the nomination.

But before the first ballot is cast, the rules committee of 113 members, many hostile to Trump, will meet. If 57 of them so decide, they can pass a motion to allow the delegates to vote however they like, effectively wiping out the primary and likely throwing the nomination to Ted Cruz.

The Washington Examiner has more…

Officials from Ted Cruz’s defunct presidential campaign are talking up the possibility of a coup at next month’s Republican convention in Cleveland.

Bob Vander Plaats, a former national co-chair of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, told NBC that “everything’s got to be on the table” when it comes to exempting delegates from supporting Donald Trump at the convention.

On Tuesday, Cruz’s New Jersey state director Steve Lonegan called for a “delegate revolt.”

With the convention still five weeks away and controversy still swirling around Trump, the sharp knives are out. What happens next is anyone’s guess!

Source: Washington Examiner

PJ Editor
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