ROBBED! Cruz STEALS All Of This States Delegates…Even Their Pro-Trump Governor Shut Out!

Even with Donald Trump cruising towards 1237 delegates, the Ted Cruz campaign continues to use its ground game to poach delegates.

Now this strategy has claimed all of the delegates from another state that Donald Trump won and even the governor is crying foul!

Back on March 22nd, Arizona overwhelmingly gave Donald Trump all of its 58 delegates in what was, at the time, considered a major victory.

But it has now been revealed that ALL 58 of those delegates to the Republican National Convention will be Ted Cruz supporters.

This has many wondering if Ted Cruz and the Republican establishment plan on using the rules and credential committees, which will be packed with Cruz supporters, to steal the nomination from Donald Trump.

Gateway Pundit has the story…

Trump won all 58 delegates in Arizona.

But that didn’t stop the Cruz campaign and GOP elites from coming in and poaching all of the delegates at today’s state convention.
The Cruz camp and GOP elites call this a “good ground game.”

Even former Governor Jan Brewer, an outspoken Trump supporter, had her name removed from the online ballot and did not make the cut.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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