Ted Cruz Teams Up With Trump…Issues Epic Ultimatum To United Nations!

The recent U.N resolution to condemn Israel for building settlements for its people is an attack on the nation as a whole.

It’s clear that the nations voting on the council have an agenda to eradicate the nation entirely, using the power of the United Nations to hamper Israel’s ability to provide homes for its people.

The ultimate goal is to erode the territory Israel controls, so it cannot protect its people and thrive as a country.

While we can wonder at why nations like New Zealand and others would attack Israel, the greater crime has been the United States’ stance on the issue. Under Obama, America did not vote, nor did we veto this terrible resolution.

But there are many leaders within our country that are not taking this decision lightly and they’re speaking out.

From IJR:

Senator Ted Cruz on Saturday joined the growing list of those outraged over the UN vote to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank with a warning to the world body:

Reverse the decision — or risk the loss of funding from the United States.

Cruz included the threat in a tweet in which he also announced that he had spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

Cruz’s warning follows that of South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who on Friday slammed the Obama administration, as well.

The United States currently provides around 22% of the U.N.’s budget. That’s a nice chunk of cash to lose.

People within the White House are trying to down play the U.N.’s decision, no doubt hoping to preserve what’s left of Obama’s tattered legacy.

But the fact remains, come January 20, things will be very different within the U.N.

Source: IJR

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