BRUTAL: CNN Host Destroys Liberal Senator Over Hillary’s Crimes…Rare Act Of Journalistic Courage!

CNN has lost its luster.

The first network of its kind, the cable giant quickly became the go-to channel when news was breaking around the globe. But the media landscape has changed, and today most Americans probably only watch it, reluctantly, when they’re stuck at the airport.

However, CNN host Chris Cuomo recently livened things up by asking a powerful die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter some unexpectedly pointed questions.

On his show “New Day,” Cuomo pushed Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill to explain some of the former Secretary of States’ dubious deals:

CUOMO: Well, but obviously as always as you’re talking about Trump character counts, and another point of attack will the Clinton Global Initiative, whether it’s why the tax returns were misstated and what that means, what deals Bill Clinton was making with Russia and uranium, what kind of shady nations were able to give a lot of money to that foundation while Clinton was the secretary of state. These are real concerns. Do you think that you have real answers?

MCCASKILL: Well, I think that the Clinton Foundation did a lot of good around the world. Hillary Clinton could have easily said, “No, I don’t want to be secretary of state.” I want to go make more money. At any juncture, she could have made a choice in her life to make money. She made a choice at every juncture to serve the public. Every scar she has came from public service. And I think that’s important to remember. She has fought her entire life for the public good. And to turn a presidential foundation, which all presidents do, into something nefarious I think is just politics.

CUOMO: Do you think that these allegations will wind up being hollow or what happened to the money for the hospital in Haiti, or what money did the Clintons make because we both know they made a lot of money since he was president. Do you think that those will become real issues and do you think they’re legitimate answers?

MCCASKILL: I think there will be a lot of examination of Donald Trump’s business practices. I think —

CUOMO: Senator, what does that have to do with the Clinton Global Initiative? Do you think they’ll have real answers for that?

McCaskill kept trying to pivot the conversation back to Donald Trump, but to his credit, Cuomo countered that “everybody does it” and “look over there” aren’t very satisfying answers. Hillary’s camp will have to come up with better ones soon.

Source: Breitbart

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