Sheriff Clarke Unloads…Drops TRUTH BOMB About Black Lives Matter & ISIS! – BOOM

It seems that with every passing week we learn about another bloody attack in the world.

It’s almost becoming far too familiar. Whether its terrorism abroad or domestic activists, a reign of terror is sweeping across America and the Western world, its aim: to destroy the values and freedoms we’ve fought so hard to maintain.

The more time passes, the more we see that the Dallas cop shootings wasn’t a random act, but the direct result of the destructive rhetoric of Black Lives Matter. Although their leaders didn’t pull the trigger, they frequently call for the destruction of our police and spew hate against white Americans.

One of the most vocal critics of this group, Sheriff David Clarke, is calling for an end to this terrorist movement. Black Americans deserve better than a group that is so divisive and brings nothing but destruction to black and white communities in our country.

From Fox News:

The violence and hate-filled messages pouring out of Black Lives Matter seek exactly this kind of bloody resolution, or revolution, though they cannot admit it in polite society. Even as celebrities clamor over themselves to demonstrate their fealty to the hate group, they align themselves with one of the most destructive groups to the well-being and justice for black Americans that exist today.

We are as afraid to point out the obvious, that the sniper attack by Micah Johnson in Dallas, who according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown was “upset about Black Lives Matter,” is just as tied to this domestic hate group as the Orlando terrorist was to radical Islam.

The sheriff goes on to discuss, in a very thoughtful article, just want end BLM is trying to reach. They want nothing less than total discord and alienation among Americans. The lie that they want social justice for black Americans is quickly overshadowed by the actual results of this group: violence, hate, and destruction among Americans.

They are as much a terrorist group as ISIS.

Sheriff Clarke’s article is worth a full read. If we want our country to heal and unite, we need to listen to voices of reason like his.

Source: Fox News

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