WHOA: Dare To Be Anti-Hillary? Here’s What CNN Will Do To You… [WATCH]

We’ve known for years that the mainstream media has an unethical liberal bias. The groups responsible for delivering honest, uncorrupted news to the country have decided to manipulate that facts for their own agenda.

They represent everything against the First Amendment. Their “reporting” goes against the spirit of Freedom of Speech, is an insult to the Freedom of the Press, and of course maligns the Freedom of Religion.

Perhaps one of the worst outlets in history is CNN. They have been caught numerous times during this election reporting falsely, misrepresenting facts, and outright lying about events. Even though people have called them out for it, they continue to be a poor example of journalism.

More subtly, they have been disrupting the election by censoring anyone who appears to have a pro-conservative, pro-Trump view. It’s really quite sad to see how the Communist News Network fake technical problems to silence someone with a contrarian view.

We know what you’re doing CNN. Nobody’s falling for your deceit.

From Daily Wire:

In the compilation video (below), the YouTube channel “Centipede Productions” has amassed 10 minutes worth of CNN claiming technical difficulties, shouting down guests, and flat-out cutting the microphone of people who attempt to speak the facts pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s scandal-ridden past and present.

Now more than ever we need to get the facts from uncorrupt sources. Let’s send a message to CNN and the rest of the liberal elites that America will no longer support them.

Source: Daily Wire

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