COMEBACK: Dave Chappelle Shares His REAL Feelings On Planned Parenthood—And Democrats Are RAGING

Comedian Dave Chappelle made massive waves in the entertainment industry when he walked away from his hit show on Comedy Central back in 2005.

Fans were crushed at the loss of his unique take on society, from his witty observations on race to his outright hilarity on gender roles.

But that was before social justice warriors took control of the media. When Chappelle’s latest stand up special for Netflix, The Age of Spin, premiered in March, many of his fans initially rejoiced his return to the public eye.

Once celebrated for his irreverence, his views are now apparently too controversial. After making some hilarious jokes about the transgender and LGBTQ community, the once lauded star was attacked on social media for being “homophobic and transphobic.”

But one thing that’s largely been overlooked by the easily triggered brigade are Chappelle’s comments about Planned Parenthood.

“This is the age of spin,” Chappelle said to a young man in the audience. “The age where nobody knows what the f**k they’re even looking at. Did you know that Planned Parenthood was for abortions? It’s for people that don’t plan things out at all. That’s right. So a guy your age doesn’t really know how he feels. Are you pro-choice? Are you anti-consequences? What does it all really mean?”

Chappelle’s comments are being lauded by members of the pro-life community.

From Chicks on the Right:

I didn’t know he had it in him.  And I love that his new term for people who are “pro-choice” is “anti-consequences.”

It’s also incredible to those acquainted with the history of Planned Parenthood how Chappelle is implying that the organization’s name is misleading, and he’s 100% right!

Planned Parenthood’s original name was the American Birth Control League. Their official motto? “To breed a race of thoroughbreds.”

Chappelle is joining a long list of black celebrities who are waking up to Planned Parenthood’s true purpose. Singer and Actor Nick Cannon, whose mother admitted to nearly aborting him, has said that Planned Parenthood is trying to “exterminate the Negro race.”

Baltimore Ravens star Benjamin Watson and presidential candidate Ben Carson have also stated that Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger to “abort black babies.”

Margaret Sanger is indeed on record stating that Planned Parenthood’s mission is to control the black population, referring to them as “human weeds.” The fact that more black babies were aborted than born in New York City in 2013 proves Sanger’s mission is being accomplished.

Chappelle has made it clear throughout his career that he will say what he thinks regardless of how others feel about it. He challenges his audience with provocative commentary, yet somehow manages to still make it funny. And isn’t that what being a comedian is really all about?

Source: Chicks on the Right

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