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Boom! David Clarke Is One Bad Dude…When A Drunk Passenger Got Crazy, The Sheriff Stepped Up!
By PJ Editor|November 26, 2016

Anytime you take a flight you always hope you don’t get seated next to that annoying passenger. You know the one. They talk too loud, drink too much or take up your personal space. Well, Sheriff David Clarke Jr. wasn’t seated next to that passenger, but he still had to deal with him.

Sheriff Clarke has earned a reputation as someone who takes nothin’ from nobody. The law-and-order type Sheriff who liberals love to hate. Although, if any liberals had been on the receiving end of this passengers abusive language, they may have changed their minds, at least temporarily.

According to the Wisconsin Watchdog…

Preston Bluntson, 36, of Milwaukee, was arrested and booked by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department around 7:10 p.m. Eastern Time, shortly after the small plane touched down…

Clarke did confirm that Bluntson, who is black, repeatedly used a racial slur as he screamed at the sheriff.

“After I pinned him across the seats to maintain control he said…’Oh you’re one of those kind of niggers,’” Clarke said in the email.

The sheriff, who also is black, said about mid-flight he had to intervene because Bluntson was “giving the flight attendant a hard time.”

“He stopped, sensing I wasn’t playing around. I thought that would take care of it but it did not,” Clarke said.

“He got out of his seat as the plane approached the runway on landing,” he continued. “That was enough for me. As the wheels touched down I got up pushed him him back into his seat as he tried to get up again and I pinned him down until cops boarded. I yelled for the Sgt and said give me your handcuffs and I cuffed him.”

I know all the passengers on that flight were happy to have Sheriff Clarke aboard. All, that is, except Bluntson.

Source: Wisconsin Watchdog

PJ Editor
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