Delegate ‘BLOODBATH’ in THIS State Has Trump Supporters Crying Foul…Fixed For Kasich?

News had spread this week that Ted Cruz and John Kasich made an alliance to block Trump from gaining the nomination.

As fast as they news hit the airwaves, were heard the alliance was already falling apart.  Breaking up already guys?  And I was ready to christen the name Cruisch.

According to sources, the Mississippi conventions this past Saturday were chaotic, as Kasich supporters tried to block Cruz and Trump delegates from getting in.

From Breitbart:

Breitbart News has learned of conventions being run according to pre-written scripts, of county officials urging other insiders to suppress conservative activists and “outsiders,” and of delegate slates being forced through even though skeptical party officials did not have the voter rolls to figure out who was actually voting.

The scene in Mississippi has been nothing less than a disaster. We have reports that the state party chairman threatened to use armed police force to scare off Cruz and Trump supporters. Now we know Gary Harkins, who oversaw the Rankin Country convention, forced a pre-approved list of delegates that was pro-Kasich.  The scheme was called a “bloodbath.”

“They had a pre-determined delegate slate that was read in one-tenth of a second like it was rehearsed. Troy Odom did that. They rammed it through. Then Gary Hawkins wouldn’t let anybody else have the floor. We were standing up objecting the entire time and he wouldn’t recognize us! That’s why we say it was rigged.”

Certainly sounds rigged. More news has hit that chaos erupted in Desoto County, where established party insiders tried to strong arm a conservative movement. That trend continued in other counties, including Pike and Jackson.

All this sounds pretty strange, considering Kasich is from Ohio. Why, oh, why are Southern Republicans from Mississippi bending over backwards to help him?

Generally speaking, this kind of political manipulation doesn’t happen unless it’s for a local boy or close associate. But fear that an outsider like Cruz or Trump could take the reins has caused the establishment to act in the most comical, irrational way possible.

Time will tell just how fractured the GOP will become and just how insane this year’s convention will be.

Source: Breitbart

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