Democrat Governor Frees Felons To Vote…But Supreme Court’s Response Has Hillary FURIOUS!

Voting is fundamental to the American way of life. It decides who is in power and the direction our country will take for years to come. It can decide key legislation, the appointment of law enforcement and judges, and can shape the economy of a city and country.

So we need to view the power to vote as a privilege, not a right. For generations there have been fights over who can vote and how. Corrupt powers have wanted to prevent certain people the right to vote, and much conflict has arisen to bring that to an end.

Yet there are people in power who want it the other way. They want more people, people who are perhaps unqualified, to cast a ballot. Voting is a privilege for upstanding American citizens, people who support their nation and uphold the laws.

However, Democrats want to open the flood gates. They want convicted felons, illegal immigrants, even dead people to be able to cast a ballot on Election Day. I wouldn’t put it pass them from trying to lower the voting age to six. Why not? Children are American too!

The end goal is to let people they can easily bamboozle to vote. They don’t care if those people are ill-informed or unqualified to shape the future of our country. So long as the Dems can manipulate them, they’re on board.

From HuffPo:

Virginia is one of only four states that ban former felons from voting. In April, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) signed an executive order restoring voting rights to more than 200,000 state residents who had been disenfranchised because they were former felons.

The Virginia Supreme Court ruled three months later that while McAuliffe has the constitutional authority to restore the right to vote, he could not do so with a blanket executive order that applied to every ex-felon. The court also ordered that 13,000 former felons who had registered to vote after McAuliffe’s executive order be removed from voting rolls.

The Huffington Post articles tells the story of one Muhammad As-saddique Abdul-Rahman, a former felon, who went to jail for armed robbery. A man who admits to drug and alcohol abuse. Although Abdul-Rahman cleaned up his act, got sober and started a new life as a carpenter, he is having trouble voting in Virginia, due to the current conflict.

HuffPo want you to believe that all ex-felons are like this man. While we commend him for getting his life on track, thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous, we can’t say the same for every ex-con.

The truth is, Abdul-Rahman is in the minority. Most ex-cons are recidivists; they go back to a life a crime after being released from jail. Do we want men like this casting ballots, deciding the fate of our country?

Who should be able to vote? Is it a right for all Americans or a privilege for only those who uphold the law? Surely there should be some standards set, to prevent corrupt politicians from manipulating elections by allowing easily-duped people from casting ballots.

It’s a complex issue. Another example of how the system can be rigged, if we allow it.

Source: Huffington Post

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