Dem-Linked Group Busted MANIPULATING Election…Hillary’s Fraudster REVEALED!

Donald Trump has been raising the alarm for weeks about the overt and covert manipulation of the election being undertaken by the Democrats and their media lapdogs.

Despite the mounting evidence, the media continues to insist that there is no “there” there.

That narrative just got harder to take seriously!

Conservatives making the case that billionaire financier George Soros is backing dangerous left wing groups have often been condemned as crazy conspiracy theorists.

However, the evidence keeps mounting and can no longer be waved away as partisan rumor mongering.

In Arizona, a political organization linked to Soros is now under investigation:

An attorney representing Republican incumbent Bill Montgomery’s re-election campaign for Maricopa County Attorney filed a complaint Friday, saying the Arizona Safety & Justice has violated a state election law.

Soros has been spending millions of dollars this year to support Democrats in prosecutor races around the country and all but one of his favored candidates have won.

Phoenix lawyer Brett Johnson says the law requires political committees making independent expenditures to a candidate or office within 60 days of an election to provide 24 hours’ notice to opponents about submitted print or television ads.

It’s a tiny blow to the mighty Soros political machine, but if the charges stick, perhaps this will encourage other jurisdictions to challenge his overwhelming power.

Source: AZ Family

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