CHAOS! Shocking Political Violence In Nevada…Bernie Supporters Go To War With Democrat Party [Watch]

There’s been nothing short of controversy over the course of this year’s primaries.

News of riots and violence has swept across America, as disenfranchised citizens express their outrage at the political process.

Not only that, but we’ve learned that several states had less than trustworthy results, owed to a certain level of manipulation on the part of a candidate.

The Republican primaries have received more of their fair share of conflict.

As Donald Trump surged to prominence, states have tried to stop his success any way possible. Although they by and large failed, their actions have exposed an ugly side of the political process, a side where winning means more than the will of the people.

But there’s an even uglier side, a side that comes from the people themselves.

We live in a country where every vote is supposed to count, every voice can be heard. Even then our candidate of choice may lose. In that event, we need to suck it up and move on. Apparently, the young and unruly supporters of one Bernie Sanders don’t understand this concept.

They have been fingered as the violent upstarts at many Trump rallies, threatening the safety of law enforcement and fellow citizens. Now we’re learning Bernie’s crew is causing chaos at their own rallies, when a group near rioted when the Nevada Democratic convention went in Clinton’s favor.

Sorry Bernie supporters, you can’t always get what you want. Shouting and inciting violence won’t change that.

From Hot Air:

Upset Bernie Sanders supporters booed California Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Hillary Clinton supporter, during a contentious Nevada Democratic Convention Saturday.

“We need civility in the Democratic Party, civility,” Boxer said as Sanders supporters booed the senator. Clinton won the Nevada Caucus and received more delegates than Sanders at the Saturday convention. Bernie supporters upset with the convention results started chants of “recount.”

That’s par for the course with Bernie lovers, but it gets worse. According to some reports, Sander’s people got violent and there were some injuries.

According to one video:

“So much for unity,” [Boxer} said, as a man could be heard yelling, “Sit down!”

Meanwhile, another video showed a man lying on the floor near the front of the room.

“Stay back,” a person shouted.

“We need a medic in the front, we need a medic in the front,” a woman could be heard saying.

Of course the news channels that cover every last perceived Trump controversy won’t be talking about this gross display of un-American behavior.

The Democratic Party seems to be fracturing like a shattered mirror. The extreme Sanders camp refuses to comply with traditional supporters of Clinton. They are willing to resort to violence, like petulant, dangerous children who don’t get their way.

Who knows what they’ll do if Hillary gets the nomination?

Source: Hot Air

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