California Drama! Dem On Dem Warfare Escalates…Clinton Camp’s SHOCK Claim!

Are they hypocrites or simply delusional?

Liberals keep insisting that Donald Trump and his supporters are violent, and that the GOP is on the verge of cracking up — all while the Democratic Party is in an unprecedented meltdown.

When was the last time the Dems were this publicly split? The Hillary vs. Bernie divide shows no sign of healing.

Bloomberg reports:

Ego.” “Self-interest.” “Blinded by the spotlight.” “It’s become all about him.” “Almost inciting violence.”

These are some of the words Hillary Clinton’s supporters at her rallies this week in California had for Bernie Sanders as he escalates his fight for a Democratic presidential nomination that is, mathematically, virtually out of reach for him.

The acrimony over the Vermont senator’s defiance is reaching a fever pitch as Clinton, the all-but-certain nominee, tries to move on to the general election against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, only to be painted by her competitor as a puppet of Wall Street who wouldn’t fix America’s problems. (…)

“I’m firmly of the belief that he has every right to stay in the contest. I’m not in agreement of his tone,” said Jason Guerrero, 35, a middle-school teacher in Los Angeles. “I think it’s almost dangerous to speak the way he’s speaking—to be almost inciting violence. I’d hope he keeps his rhetoric in check.”

It’s ironic that all these Democrats are suddenly preaching “non-violence” and “cooperation,” after eight years (some would say, over half a century) of sowing division in the country at large.

The Democrats must know that this in-fighting makes them look unappealing to the average American voter, who wonders how a party can govern the nation if it can’t even govern itself.

It’s as if liberals just can’t help themselves when it comes to self-destructive behavior.

Source: Bloomberg

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