Hillary’s NIGHTMARE: Democrats TERRIFIED…Fear 1 Thing More Than Trump. THIS…

The Republican Party has had a rough few months.

It happens every election when they lack an incumbent, a slew of candidates fight to get to the top of the hill. But now that Trump is the presumptive nominee, the rest of the party is getting in line for a successful November.

That’s not the case on the other side of the aisle.

Bernie Sanders has defied expectations as he’s built for himself a frothing crowd of rabid followers. He has tapped into the aggression of young people, most notably the “Occupy Wall Street” nut jobs that want to see America burn.

But as ridiculous as these people seem, they are dangerous. They’ve rioted outside Trump rallies. Now they are turning their vitriol against their own party.

From Clash Daily:

Hillary and her supporters have a problem. Bernie just won’t go away, and his supporters are planning to — horror of horrors — disrupt the Democratic convention. The rest of us can pop some popcorn, sit back with a beverage of choice, and enjoy the show. The Democrats are teetering on the verge of a meltdown.

Bernie supporters have — can you believe it? — disrupted the Nevada Democratic Convention. They booed Barbara Boxer off the stage. Boxer claimed to be frightened by them. (Is their strategy sounding familiar yet? Annoying, isn’t it?)

Bernie was able to gain momentum by tapping into the anger and frustration that many young progressives have.

He made traditional politicians and the wealthy the enemy, turning the “common man” against them. It’s an age-old gimmick, one stretching back to the French Revolution.

The problem is when you build your platform on hatred toward the rich, you attract the very worst of society. Remember the Reign of Terror?

So Bernie has as his supporters the most violent, explosive fragment of our population. They have threatened to burn a swath of destruction across the U.S. (for starters), endangered the lives of Trump supporters, and even attacked their own party members.

Now they plan to do something terrible at the Democratic Convention. These disenfranchised babies don’t understand how the political system works.  Really any system.

They thought protesting the rich during Occupy Wall Street would work. Guess what? Rich people aren’t hurt when you sit in circles and bang drums.

Bernie supporters are outraged when their votes aren’t heard, because they are losing fair and square. This is the trigger-warning, overly sensitive group of college-age children who throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.

Largely new to voting, they don’t like it when their candidate loses. And they’re willing to destroy the Democratic Convention to make their point heard.

Traditional Democrats have their hands full with this new group of radicals. And they by and large did it to themselves, sowing the seeds of this kind of destructive behavior in universities and schools over the last twenty years.

Congratulations liberals, you’ve created your own monster.

Source: Clash Daily

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