Look Which Democrat Leader Just Resigned After 5 Charges Of Child Sex Abuse—Democrats Imploding

It’s been a bad year for democrats. After losing big in the November elections, they’ve had to watch as many of their own number have melted down.

Time and again we are learning about democrats getting the axe, either for incompetence or moral failings.

Be it from money laundering, corrupting the system, or betraying the people’s trust, democrats are getting their just desserts for their crimes.

But rarely is it from something so stomach-churning as child sex abuse, especially from a predator who has been at it for decades.

From Breitbart:

Seattle’s Democratic Mayor Ed Murray announced his resignation on Tuesday, hours after a fifth man accused him of child sex abuse.

Murray’s resignation came hours after his cousin, Joseph Dyer, gave an interview with the Seattle Times alleging sexual abuse dating from the 1970’s, claiming something “had to be done” about his reported crimes.

Over the last year, Murray has been subject to a string of accusations that he molested several young men in the 1980s. He initially denied the claims, but the accusations became so intense that Murray announced in May he would not run for re-election…

During his time in office, Murray promoted a number of progressive causes, including defending Seattle’s sanctuary city status, launching a campaign to push the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, fighting for same-sex marriage, and vociferously opposing President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Some of you might remember rumors late last year about supposed child abuse on the part of top Clinton aides. This news will only rekindle those flames, as more people will demand the truth come out.

While these are still merely accusations, you have to wonder why these men are coming out now. They wouldn’t have anything to say, unless something did in fact happen all those years ago.

It’s shocking to think that a “respected” leader, the mayor of a major city, had committed such reprehensible acts against children.

In recent years, liberal media outlets have tried to produce articles that softened the image of pedophiles. They tried to make them seem normal, or perhaps victims. Now we know why: so many on the left are committing these crimes!

It remains to be seen what happens to Murray. Perhaps a criminal investigation will be opened and justice will be done.

In any event, it’s time for the people of Seattle to pick a new leader.

Source: Breitbart

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