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Demo-Colapse! This SHOCKING Fact Has Hillary Panicked…Trump Licking His Lips!
By PJ Editor|June 8, 2016

There have been a lot of bad signs for Democrats this election cycle.

Pundit’s predicted that there would be millions of new voters, young people and minorities, that would surge to register in order to stop Donald Trump…it hasn’t happened.

I guess when you put a corrupt, geriatric socialist up as your party’s nominee, it doesn’t inspire much enthusiasm.

But there is one number that has Democrat leaders, pollsters and strategists particularly worried.

Gateway Pundit has the story…

Hillary received 15,899,116 votes this year.
Bernie Sanders received 12,193,152 votes.

Hillary and Bernie received 28,092,268 total primary votes this year.

In 2008 Hillary Clinton received 17,493,836 primary votes.

So this year Hillary received 1,594,720 FEWER primary votes than in 2008.
And she lost in 2008!

More than 35,029,294 votes were cast in the 2008 Democratic primary.

So Democrats lost nearly 7 million primary votes this year compared to 2008.

This is devastating news for the Democrats.

Source: Gateway Pundit

PJ Editor
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