WATCH: Democrat Tries To Open Convention In Prayer…Crowd’s Response Is SHOCKING!

Democrats and Republicans have their differences.  But one thing they still claim to share is a sense of common faith in a higher power and the decency to pray at political events.

Scratch that—that was a total lie.  Liberals are a pretty godless bunch, even though they put on airs when they are in public.

So when they do act the part during election years, they bring people out during their convention like Rev. Cynthia Hale to pray the invocation.  Of course she’s a liberal too, and the prayers of the two conventions could not be more different.

But all of that is to be expected.  But this was unexpected—and vile.  The Hill reports Hale’s key phrase during her speech:

“We have a platform that seeks to address the ills of our nation, right the wrongs and help us be a just and equitable society … by nominating [presumptive Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Much of the crowd cheered loudly, but jeering was audible. As the cheers subsided, a large contingent chanted “Bernie,” forcing Hale to pause her invocation for about 15 seconds.

Just to make sure this wasn’t some odd fluke, a crowd mentality, they continued on.

After that, every time Clinton’s name was mentioned, there were loud cheers as well as audible boos. When the pro-Hillary cheers quieted down, supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) broke into chants.

Some Democrat leaders recognized how utterly inappropriate this show of partisanship was.  Or at least how bad it made them look.

Rep. Marcia Fudge (Ohio) detoured from her speech to ask for respect. “We are Democrats, and we need to act like it.”

This incident truly is hard to believe until you see it.  It makes two things crystal clear to the American people:

1. The Democrat party is dangerously divided between the super-liberal left and the power-hungry establishment who know the far left agenda will lose the election in November.

2. Christians, and people of any faith persuasion, really aren’t welcome in the Democrat party.  As much as they tried to look like a patriotic and religious party this past week, moments like this reminds us that nothing could be further from the truth.

If you are supportive of First Amendment rights and a respect for people’s religious beliefs, there’s only one major party worth voting for this fall.  Go and be a blessing to your city and your nation—and that includes using your vote well.


Source: The Hill

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