Democrat Nightmare Comes True On Live TV…Like Rats From A SINKING Ship…

In a world of focus groups and highly edited “reality TV,” live television isn’t as commonplace as it once was.

Part of watching in the early days was waiting to see if the cardboard set on the comedy show would fall over, but even Saturday Night Live is nailed down and rehearsed within an inch of its life.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, something pretty incredible can happen when the cameras are rolling. In a campaign full of memorable moments, this one captured outside the Democratic National Convention in Cleveland is a stand out.

Fox News spoke to Bernie Sanders supporters and other disillusioned Democrats protesting the DNC. One protester recited a litany of Hillary Clinton’s deception and corruption, citing her decision to rehire disgraced DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to her campaign team. Calling Hillary “the biggest liar” in American political history, this angry citizen added, “I am going to wait and see where I think my vote will most hurt Hillary.”

Others wanted to speak out, too:

Here is possibly the best example to date. This woman, a 60-year-old Bernie Sanders supporter was also interviewed as she protested outside the DNC. Her words? “I’m going to vote for Trump and I’ve never cast a Republican vote in my life.”

There are untold numbers of Americans who feel the same way. They may not be interviewed by pollsters or reporters on live tv, and some might even lie if they are, but in November, the real numbers will all come to light.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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