Democrat Gets OBLITERATED By Trump Supporters At Town Hall…With 3 Words! [Watch]

Democrats have a massive problem with facing reality.

The refused to accept that millions of Americans gladly elected Donald Trump. They’ve concocted ridiculous theories to explain Hillary’s loss, from Russian hacking to sexism.

But when faced with the truth, they wither, like weeds before the flame.

Just watch what happened when a representative was confronted with true Americans at a town hall meeting. Her reaction is priceless.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-CA) held a raucous town hall event last week at Stephen M. White School in Carson, California.

The Democrat lawmaker ran from the venue after the pro-Trump crowd started chanting, “We love Trump!”

This was insane!

The pro-Trump crowd started screaming and chanting in the opening minutes of the town hall event.

That’s when Rep. Barragan cut from the event and walked out of the auditorium.

Really? Running and hiding? I’m sure Barragan will then go to Twitter or Facebook to make it seem like they bullied her into fleeing.

Liberals love to play the victim card. Yet when angry leftists storm conservative groups or events, with violence and hate, conservatives are treated like the enemy.

It’s plain to see how cowardly liberals are. They feel tough insulting the president online. But put them in a room with real, patriotic Americans, they run away like chickens.

Maybe that’s why they are losing so much ground in America?

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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